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Animals can do a lot of damage to a attic or building if given the time. Some of this damage may be them using your home as a toilet and leaving urine and feces all over the attic. Sometimes the soiled attic insulation may only be soiled in parts of your attic. Other times your whole attic appears to be full of feces, urine and stinking like well – real bad !!

Centurian Wildlife Control cleans up attics in the United States and we try to restore them before your attic became a bat, bird or raccoon infestation state. We remove soiled attic insulation in homes after you have had Raccoon Removal and business near United States and replace it to code and help improve the heat and cooling efficiency of your home.

The purpose of a attic restoration is to replace and revive damage caused by an invasion caused by bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels and other vermin (critters).The attic if left unrestored can become a dangerous breeding ground for various wildlife diseases that eventually can affect the health and welfare of every member of your home via airborne hazards of diseases such as raccoon roundworm and histoplasmosis, making Critter Control a necessary investment.Many invasions of homes additionally affect the homes wiring which often become chewed by members of the rodent family which often result in bare wires and eventual housefires, which is why you should always make sure you get all Squirrel Removal and Rat Removal handled as soon as possible. Heating and cooling ducts often become destroyed or filled with feces and /or can circulate these contaminants throughout your home.

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Exclusion- First and foremost, as an Melbourne Wildlife Control specialist company we perform a complete exclusion to guarantee no other vermin can re- enter and destroy your attic again.Clean Up - Removal of contaminants, the dead animals ,their feces and getting all the old soiled and matted insulation out of and disposed of properly.Insect Treatment - Treat or have your home treated for any insect infestation which is common with most any vermin. Fleas. Mites , Ticks and Bat bugs often are part of the problem and come with the vermin when they claim attic as a home.Disinfect/Deodorize/Fix Wiring - Bring in a licensed electrician to replace all damaged wiring. Disinfect and deodorize the attic before any new insulation is added to the attic.Reinstall Insulation - Reinstalling the insulation back to its original R rating or better. Having quality insulation will save the customers an unbelievable amount of money on their energy bills.

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If you have an attic that is full of bird poop, pigeon poop, bat guano, mouse or rat droppings we can help by getting your home back in both a livable and resellable and perform Bat Removal. Most folks make a big mistake after getting bats, Bird Removal, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, mice and rats removed from their attics. They opt out on getting all of the damage caused upstairs in the attic cleaned .

Here are some of the things that may happen if you decide not to have your attic cleaned.

1. Insect Infestations: You discover the attic had a bad insect infestation with either mites, ticks or worse yet bat bugs and you need to get your entire home treated and not just your attic.

Wait A Minute : What Are Bat Bugs !

Bat bugs (Cimex pilosellus) are blood-sucking insects of the family that are closely related to the bed bug. They are so-named because they feed primarily on the blood of bats, although they will bite humans if necessary. Bat bugs are so similar to bed bugs that they are often mistaken; microscopic examination is needed to distinguish them. Call us if you are in need of bed bug removal.

Bat bugs are moderately common in the midwest US including United States Michigan , and are found in houses and buildings that harbor bats.

Bat bugs feed on blood from bats, but when they wander away from the bat roost area, they will feed on other warm-blooded animals, including people. This feeding is an annoyance but is not dangerous. Bat bugs have not been found to transmit any diseases.

Controlling bat bugs first requires the elimination of any bats that are present in the home or building. We accomplish this near United States by exclusion techniques also known as “building them out” (i.e., sealing entrance cracks and holes).

2. Real Estate Inspections You forget about the sad condition of your home and you have it on the market for sale under contract with a buyer who has an inspector who finds soiled damage and you suddenly find a buyer backing you or demanding more money out of your pockets to close on your home sale or lose a buyer because of what else they perceive you may be hiding from them!! Sadly its a litigious world and this is one real estate closing hassle you can avoid by saving money and having it done while the technicians are still on your property.

So if you need your home’s attic properly cleaned, sanitized, and have all the contamination like feces, urine and other insect vermin removed we want to be your United States Attic Cleanup & United States Attic Restoration Team . We are the best insulation removal company around.

We clean sanitize, repair damage caused by bats, raccoons and other wildlife after an attic invasion and work with your Insurance Company . We have Wildlife Management Pro's who can help you all over the the state of United States or plan on adding them.

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We are proud partners and members of the National 247 Wildlife Control & Pest Control Network. We have the National Support, Trust, Training and assistance from our Parent Company 247 Wildlife Control. We have gone through years of Training in Raccoon Removal & Bat Control as well as Snake Removal to ensure the proper safety for the animals, our staff, and our customers. Being partnered with a National Wildlife Control Network allows our customers to have the faith & trust in our National Brand and with this passes the National Wildlife Control Warranty. We assure our customers our patented 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of your wildlife control program, we'll provide corrective service at no additional charge. We also can handle animals that are not INSIDE your home but are destroying your property. You can call us for any Armadillo Removal or Skunk Removal that you may need as well. After 30 days, should your problem persist, we’ll continue to provide service at no additional charge until you are satisfied, or we'll refund your last regular service payment. Our staff regularly undergoes Training and Courses with Brendan Mangnitz, the Owner and Founder of 247 Wildlife Control. We are continually learning news & state of the art ways to humanely Control Nuisance Animals and Remove Critters from the Attic. Our Bat Removal Techniques are constantly being perfected to help us control the growing bat problem that we have here in Sarasota, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Melbourne, Jacksoville, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Gainesville, Lakeland, Florida and San Antonio and Austin, Texas. We always strive to get rid of pesky animals and remove squirrels from the Attic, and being partnered with a Nationwide Wildlife Experts company allows us to have the available help, skills and resources to humanely and permanently solve you Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Problem. Read on for any Marijuana News updates.